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-> Wholesome education is much needed

These days towards the end of 1st term schooling year, many schools had their students assessment result known. I received a phone-call from a friend who told me that his 6yo son in kindergarten scored 100% marks in most of the papers tested. I was speechless as to whether I should congratulate or praise him over the ‘hi-scores’ he could achieved. She called maybe because one of my son is in the same age as hers and wants me to say that his child is an excellent performer.

Thus, it is pertinent that we reassess the values our society places on examinations and marks in this 21st century of living. We must recognized that examinations are not the sole and only instruments for competition and comparison. The marks or grades a student obtains just tell him how much of the knowledge areas tested he has mastered. His marks and grades have nothing to do with the marks and grades of his classmates. There is no need to compare, much less to compete.

Well schooled and well educated are 2 different things. What is important is that each child should be encouraged to work hard and exploit his potential to the fullest from the very beginning. Parents can play a role in providing them proper guidance and coach in bringing out their potentials.

Children should be relieved of the pressure to perform exceptionally well in all and many other subjects. If the society as a whole known and taught the true purpose of examinations and education from the very beginning,  we will be surprised at how easy and fun the learning could be in their schooling years.

As the saying goes: “What we have known is just the palm size, there are still ocean big of knowledge we have yet to explore”.  A child’s schooling and education should help to prepare him on a wholesome basis. The moment he leaves school and enters the work place, he will be evaluated on everything else.