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-> Up to parents to bring up well-mannered kids

Raising a child with discipline, love, good manners and respect is always the parents’ role.

Moreover, it is also the parents’ responsibility to spend a bit of quality time with a child before he grows up and has a life of his own.

Unfortunately, it is very sad to see many parents in this day and age say they have no time to spare for their children all because of work. In addition, some parents think teachers and housemaids are perfect substitutes to help raise their children.

Some even buy materials such as toys and the latest gadgets as a way to show their love towards their children. It is wrong to think that way. They should understand that they bring a child into this world to be raised and nurtured with responsibility.

The kind of parents I am referring to are not just those workaholic or money-chasing kind but also those irresponsible, hedonistic sort who choose to party, shop and enjoy themselves with their friends daily without stopping for a moment to think about how the child is doing at school or at home.

Do they not understand that the role of a school teacher is to educate a child in the classroom while a housemaid is only there to help keep the house clean and tidy?

Do they not know that their main role as parents is to inculcate good manners, responsibility and principles which teach a child the difference between right and wrong?

We cannot help but sometimes feel that irresponsible parents do not deserve to be parents at all. Why bring a child into the world when you choose to care more about wealth, fun and friends than responsibility, quality time, and love to properly raise a child? What is worse is when a child gets out of control, and the parents put the blame on housemaids and teachers.

God holds parents accountable for the upbringing of a child. It doesn’t take a scientist to tell us that responsible and concerned parents always beget well-mannered children. To bring a child into a world is no child’s play. It requires not just unconditional love but also plenty of sacrifice and dedication.

To parents who choose to shirk their responsibilities and leave everything to housemaids and teachers, you don’t just reap what you sow but also be prepared for “buckets of regrets”.

As for those who are dedicated enough to spare more quality time and love for their little ones, I salute you for being dedicated and responsible parents. – speak out / Steffie Yin, Auckland, New Zealand.

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