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Many people falter due to their apprehensions. Some hang their heads low because they are simply too afraid to approach their desired romantic prospects or their chosen social circles. Others crumble at the face of an audience, especially when delivering speeches. Some people also see themselves fit in a particular job but are simply too shy to pass their CVs and apply. Clearly, shyness keeps people from getting what they want and hinders them from unleashing their full potential.

Shyness comes in various forms. At first glance, some people may appear confident but they may suddenly succumb to shyness when placed in a particular situation such as seeing their crush, talking in front of a large crowd, or stating their opinions in front of their peers.

If you wish to banish your shyness away, here methods that you can apply to overcome this simple problem and take charge of your life’s master plan.

On Romance

So, you’re hopelessly in love with someone but you can’t do anything but admire him or her from a safe distance? Here are some tips that can help you break the ice.

  • The Research Method – Knowledge is power! Decades ago, gathering info about a person can be a problem but not with today’s modern technology. You can check out her profile in any social networking website to get to know her better. Take note of her interests, hobbies, dislikes, among others. If you find yourself too shy to make the first move, you can be casual with your approach by starting with a simple greeting and a smile. The ensuing conversations will come easier since you can focus on her interests and hobbies, while giving negative opinions about her dislikes.
  • The Fishing Scheme – No man or woman for that matter, is an island. With this in mind, you can ask your friend to fish some information about your prospect. For sure your friend will know someone who’s conceted to your prospect. It’s a small world after all!
  • Hitch on Hitchens – If you are at a loss for confidence and ideas for good strategies, you can rely on some movies to act as your ultimate dating guides. A good example is the movie “Hitch.” In this hit flick, Will Smith’s title character gives good advice on overcoming shyness and some of the best tips on dating your romantic prospects. You can apply many of Hitch’s teachings en route to successfully bagging your desired lovers. Other good movie references are “High Fidelity”, “Alfie”, and “50 First Dates.” Just make sure that you do not use the exact lines dropped by the characters in those dating movies. There is a good chance that your prospect has seen those chick flicks as well.

In Front of an Audience

In most cases, people get stage fright for all the wrong reasons. They can exclaim that the audience will ridicule or laugh at them even if they have prepared a good performance. Unfortunately, the thin line between ridicule and success is the veil of shyness that they cast on themselves.

  • Speech Classes – These give you the confidence to effectively deliver a speech in front of a large audience. Sometimes, you can even hide a bad speech through an exceptional delivery. You will probably shiver on stage during your initial sessions. As the speech class progresses, you will gradually get accustomed to speaking in front of people. Soon, delivering speeches or performing on stage will be as simple as any normal activity.
  • The Friendly Practice – A good form of training is expressing your tales and thoughts in front of an audience who you are comfortable with. You can control the conversations with your groups of friends. Set up the topics for conversation and introduce experimental things like jokes or snide one-liners. From that point on, you will know how to properly converse with your social circles by judging their reactions on the topics that you randomly open. You will gradually gain confidence through each conversation. Soon, you can deliver good speeches or stage performances as you treat your audience as your circle of friends.
  • An Encouraging Chant – On the average, the human mind retains a certain a particular piece of information after being repeated 23 times. You can take advantage of this detail by chanting “I can do this. I am good enough.” 23 times before going up on stage. You will then realize that you are actually a good performer as long as you are not controlled by your shyness on stage.

On Career Opportunities

Here are some methods to disempower shy excuses:

  • Reality Check – One good way to counteract shyness is to have a simple reality check. Devote some time for solitary moments then pinpoint where you currently are with your goals. When you get a firm grasp on the hindrances to your goals, work on each of them because you will be rewarded greatly in the end. A high salary is just a bonus as you reap some man’s greatest rewards — satisfaction and peace of mind. Noticeably, shyness is not a part of that process.
  • No Regrets – Regrets are known to haunt people for a good part of their lives until they get some sort of closure on the things that they regret about. You can use fear productively by programming yourself to fear regrets. Focus on how a single regret can paralyze you even worse than your shyness as you fail to move across some of the important phases in your life. You will then realize that life offers more than what you expected once you hurdle your shyness.

Shyness is normal especially when dealing with activities that you are unfamiliar with. You then have two options: to let your dreams and aspirations remain as mere thoughts or to brush your shyness aside and engage in the things that you long for. The right choice is pretty obvious.

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