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Is home schooling such a great ideas as when you first thought about it? There are many things to consider before taking this decision especially because it is about your child and his future.

One of the good things about home schooling is that the child receives the attention he needs. It is a well know fact that pupils are not equal n terns of understanding the material they are being taught. Ina class of twenty children it is much more difficult for the teacher to stop and explain everything from the beginning to a single child that is falling behind while at home this is absolutely possible. Moreover the child that needs additional attention will not feel bad about asking for another explanation of the lesson in front the whole class.

Speaking of attention to one child only it is worth to mention that home schooling gives the freedom to have a lesson as long as appropriate. Some children cannot stay focused for a long time. In any school the lessons are with fixed duration so the child will have to stay until the end although there is no point in this. At home the teacher can estimate if the child is capable of listening and remembering the lesson and adjust the lesson duration in accordance. Moreover subjects that are interesting for the child can be extended and this way the child will actually learn something extra.

Another significant advantage of home schooling is that there is much more additional recourses for your child when it comes to learning a specific thing. For example it is easier for you to take your child to the museum when teaching history as it is for the teacher in school. The same applies t any other subject – as long as you want you can buy much more tools and have your home school equipped much better than a school.

Finally the safety issue – your child is much safer in your home than going and being at school.

Of course hiring a home schooling professor has disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is the lack of socialization. Still your child can meet his friends and play with them but the impact is not the same as the social influence he will have in school. The team spirit of child that studies at home cannot develop as well. To overcome thing you will need to find another way of socializing your kid – you can arrange him to attend dance or sport classes or anything else that will bring him into contact with kids of his age.

Another disadvantage specific to parents who are the teachers is that in theory a teacher is much more prepared for the subjects taught and that he has specialized education to help him handle kids. There will be many times when your child will have to overcome hard subjects and it is during these periods when a parent should be very patient and strong. Of course hiring a home schooling professor will fix this immediately but it is also much costlier than teaching your child alone.

Well, in Asian country where home-schooling are not as common as in States or Europe, parents usually send their children to additional tuition after school. Thus, it is wise to choose a lesson or class that could provide additional learning opportunities to our kids that could enhance their skills and interest.

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