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-> Computer Literacy A Must For All

Computer literacy has become essential in helping people of all ages go further in their education and career. SEGI University College vice-chancellor Prof Dr Muhamad Awang said being computer-literate had become unavoidable with people being increasingly dependent on technology in every aspect of life.

“Not so long ago, for a student to possess basic computer skills was considered a significant asset. However, with the growing use of personal computers and technology in the home, classroom and workplace, it is assumed that such skills are instilled at a young age,” he said.

“It was most beneficial for future generations to begin their information technology (IT) education at an early age so that they could become comfortable and confident with its uses and applications,” he added.

Thus, we strive to provide quality English learning courses at all levels – English Language For Children, English Language For Young Adults and English Language For Professionals, be it at home or in the classroom.

Moreover, we are well-aware of the importance of instilling the youths of tomorrow with the appropriate knowledge of English language and its importance. With this in mind, we feel that Cambridge English language courses delivered with the use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) indeed are an advantageous investment in a student’s future.

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