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-> Breakfast – A healthy head start

Can kids concentrate in learning if they are left to school with empty stomach? Well, it is known that they can’t. It is crucial to give the children the best during the formative years from ages one to six, as your child begins to develop physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. A Chinese proverb says, “What you eat is shown on your face; what you wear is shown on your body.” Thus, we could imagine how important it is of what we eat.

We had frequently heard this saying: “Want to be more competent in class or score higher on a test – eat breakfast.”  What to change and adopt a more healthier family lifestyle, simply “breaks” the overnight “fast” and have the morning meal together with your spouse and children. Eating breakfast kick-starts your body into action and help your brain work best.

Suggestion: Make an egg sandwich with 1 scrambled egg on 2 slices of wholemeal bread spread with butter. It makes a fast and healthy breakfast choice.

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