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GROW A SEED – a child a future


“Before you hire a company to build a house, you would, I expect, insist on detailed plans showing what the finished structure was going to look like. Building a child’s mind and character is what public schools do, their justification for prematurely breaking family and neighborhood learning. Where is documentary evidence to prove this assumption that trained and certified professionals do it better than people who know and love them can? There isn’t any.” – quote picked from Farmschool

This site GrowASeed.com is initiated by mothers.

There are promises that we have to fulfill and ours is to provide high quality education program and at the same time bring quality learning references to parents and teachers to benefit their kids and students; and for growth seekers.

Most children are born with more potential than they will fulfill. Some do not try hard because they are afraid of failure, lack encouragement or believe they are not capable. Others have poor teachers or coaches, or lack the right tools or support. – Hamlyn

Our community in GrowASeed are all educationists at heart. Education should be approached from an exploration, discovering and finally understanding point of view. Unfortunately, the mentioned values seems long lost in our education system. These values deemed crucials for the young generation to equip themselves with as a Global Citizen. How ready are we to be a global citizen?

Parents are their child’s best teacher. They know him better than anyone else. They can give one-to-one attention and a readily accessible solution provider to their kids. We hope we could gather as much information and resources as possible that could foster partnership with our offspring, enriching and equips them with life skills that will shape and mark them as worthy individuals.